The first thing I do with new clients is, I get to know and understand your unique situation and I’m going to ask you some questions:

How do you WANT to FEEL in your home or workspace?   

– Calm, Confident, Motivated, Inspired, Creative, Nurtured, Energized, Relaxed, Capable, Prepared, Safe 

How do you feel now?

– Overwhelmed, Defeated, Then I create a customized Plan for you that is easy-to-follow and breaks down a big Project into small and manageable chunks. Whether you want to declutter one room, or organize your whole house, or declutter, pack, move, unpack and set-up your next home, I can help you. And we can even have FUN during the process!

On-Site Organizing

We sort through everything and help you make the tough decisions: Keep, Donate, Sell, Give Away, Store or Trash. We coordinate making all of these decisions happen, and come up with great ways to keep the stuff you love!

Virtual Organizing

We provide you with a detailed Plan of Action, the motivation and knowledge to get it done, and provide some friendly Accountability along the way.


We can manage every aspect of your Move, or just help with parts that you find the most stressful. We’ve managed hundreds of moves and know how to make it all happen.