Moving /Downsizing Space

My job is to make your move stress-free (yes, this can be done)! This is kind of like hiring an Event Planner, because a Move is actually an Event!
There are many tasks and deadlines to manage, and I can do as much or as little of this as you need. I can coordinate and manage all aspects of the move from the old place to the new, including decluttering and packing the old house,moving to the new house, and unpacking and setting everything up.

Some of the services I provide:

A working Schedule and Task List, starting with the day your house should go on the market and working backwards to today.

  • I can help you declutter all rooms and determine where everything should go. (This means going through every drawer, cabinet, closet, shed, etc.)
  • I’ll create a Photo Inventory of all of the major items in your house and a spreadsheet that contains a plan for each item (will it be Moved, Sold, Donated, Trashed, Stored, etc.)
  • I provide detailed Labels and Box Lists for the Movers
  • I create Room Diagrams for the movers at the new house
  • I can get Estimates from movers and other contractors (if necessary) and coordinate their projects
  • I will arrange for the Sale, Trash pick-up or Charity donation of all designated items (as listed on the Home Inventory sheet)
  • I maintain online files of all contracts, related forms, photos, etc. so you can have real-time access to this data at any time.I can help you the day of the move by coordinating the whole event.
  • I can unpack and set-up everything at the new house.

I can take care of all of the details of your move so you can just feel excited about your new home!