How does your dining room table look? Is it like the cluttered before photo or the clutter-free after?

Step 1: Declutter

What does NOT belong on or in that space? Put it where it goes.

Step 2: Clean it:

Does the space need to be dusted, vacuumed, polished, repainted, etc.? Do it now, schedule it on your calendar, or hire a professional.

Step 3: Beautify It

How do you make this space dreamy and perfect for you? What items do you love and that make your heart happy, that can decorate this space? Do you need advice from a professional? There are interior designers online who can help you virtually if you need them.

Step 4:  Appreciate it

Take a moment. Look at the space. Be grateful you have it. Visualize yourself using it and loving it and how great that makes you feel.  

Step 5:  Keep it Up

This is about communication and routine. Talk to the people you live with about your feelings and goals for this space. Get them on board with your vision OR just make it clear you are committed to keeping this space beautiful every day. This is where your new routine comes into play! Schedule time ON YOUR CALENDAR to give this space some love every day until it becomes a habit. Maybe every night before you go to bed you make sure it’s cleared off and clean. Or in the morning before coffee, whatever works. You just want to make this a habit. 

My main clutter-free sacred space is my dining room table. The table and chairs themselves are not pretty, they were freebies from somewhere and don’t even match! Our next remodeling job will involve new furniture but for now, I just keep it pretty with linens and a centerpiece. We have a very open floor plan so this table is constantly visible. I may put things on the corner during the day but keep it pretty clear because it makes me happy to see the flowers or however I have it set it up. I usually change it up weekly.