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Hi! I’m Christa, and here’s a little secret – I wasn’t born organized. In fact, my childhood chaos would probably shock my older brother, who still can’t believe I now make a living helping others find order. My journey into the world of organization began when I became a Day Care Teacher, navigating 30 kids with clearly defined activity centers and bins – a revelation that made playtime and clean-up enjoyable.

My detour into corporate America sparked my passion for decluttering, as I reorganized my workspace, then the entire company, homes, and businesses. This journey eventually led to the birth of InnerLift.

Now, confession time: I’m still a procrastinator and a day-dreaming Book Nerd who occasionally misplaces things – the true test of my organizational prowess. Yet, I’ve cracked the code: making the right thing easy ensures even the laziest person (yes, even me) gets it done – unless there’s a gripping book near.

Life Beyond Organization: A Proud Mimi

Away from the organizing chaos, I revel in being a Mimi (grandmother) to my three grown-up sons’ children. Our family get-togethers are a riot – loud, messy, and full of laughter. Hosting them at my cozy home is my ongoing challenge, but I’ve mastered the art, keeping a room ready for the grandchildren and their delightful chaos.

What I Enjoy: Meet Max, My Equine Teacher

Let me introduce you to Max, my horse and soulmate, who transformed me from an anxious Type A to a calm and happy person. Despite being stubborn and opinionated (sound familiar?), Max taught me invaluable lessons in Natural Horsemanship and Psychology. Our journey took years, filled with learning, growing, and building a profound bond.

Max taught me that understanding, respect, and building a relationship precede any meaningful change. This philosophy not only shaped me as a horsewoman but also as a friend, mother, and Home Organizer. Unlike many in my profession, I’ve learned that change begins with building genuine connections. Seeing, understanding, and working together to create a vision – that’s the real magic.

Join me on this journey at InnerLift, where organization meets genuine connection, turning chaos into harmonious living.



Unlock the power of time management with our expert organizers, guiding you to streamline your schedule effortlessly. Through tailored strategies and efficient planning, we empower you to reclaim time, reduce stress, and achieve a balance between productivity and relaxation.


Experience the transformative touch of our professional organizer, dedicated to bringing peace to your space. Through strategic decluttering, thoughtful organization, and personalized systems, we turn chaos into tranquility, creating an environment that nurtures both your surroundings and your well-being."


Elevate your mindset and cultivate inner peace with the support of our organizers. Beyond decluttering physical spaces, we specialize in transforming your mental landscape. Through personalized coaching and thoughtful strategies, we guide you toward a positive mindset, ensuring your space becomes a reflection of tranquility and well-being.

WHAT WE offer

Holistic Organizing SERVICES

house organizing

Discover seamless home transformations with our expert house organization services, available virtually or in person, tailored to bring order and harmony to your living space.

DIY Organizing

Start your organizing journey with our DIY resources, empowering you to declutter and optimize your space at your own pace.

move management

Simplify your move with our comprehensive move management services, ensuring a smooth transition from packing to settling into your new space.


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