1.  You are not alone

Just google the word “Clutter”.  There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you (and me) who have struggled with the amount of “stuff” in their lives at some point.  This era of having lots of stuff, and space, and paper and To Do items and technology and distractions is a new thing.  No one showed you how to successfully navigate all of this.  You didn’t know.  Most people don’t.

2.  You get a Fresh Start

You don’t have to wait until your home is clutter-free to start over.  You can put in X on your calendar for yesterday and just say, “That’s It.  Yesterday was the last full day that I felt bad about my clutter, because TODAY I am doing something about it.”  And give yourself a break.  Allow the Guilt and Embarrassment to have an end date so that you can feel hopeful about getting started on a better path.  You are already taking Action by being on a Home Organizing website!  THAT’S AMAZING!  So keep that momentum going by letting yourself off the hook and committing to a Fresh Start.

3.  There is a Solution

What inspires you?  Do you like to learn from books, in a group, through videos, or one-to-one?  Do you need some Accountability and Deadlines (that always works for me). Do you need someone to come to your house?  Or do you think you could try some Virtual Organizing?  There are so many options!  I know there is the perfect fit for you.  I’m happy to do a free Virtual Session with you and help you find what will work.  Let’s keep that positive momentum going!

“Organizing is what you do before you do something so that when you do it it’s not all mixed up.”   Winnie-the-Pooh