Q: What if I don't want to get rid of my stuff?
A: I can assure you that you don’t have to get rid of a single item that you want to keep. You can keep it ALL! Maybe we can reconfigure your space, or your storage solutions so that you have room for everything. When I say this to people, they usually reply, “But I don’t WANT to keep it all, I CAN’T keep it all, I need you to help me figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.” I think what people really want to say to me is, “I’m afraid you’ll be pushy and try to make me let go of things I want to keep.” If that is your real concern, I will tell you that No, I’m not going to be pushy. You and I will be a team, I’m the Coach and you are the Player but also the President! It’s YOUR stuff and you get the final say. Our Team has one goal and that’s to provide you with the right environment to live your best life. I will ask you some thought-provoking questions about your stuff and your reasons for keeping certain things, but I will also be your partner in this so you will feel supported, encouraged and motivated TO WIN!
Q: Is this the worst room you've ever seen?
A: Nope. I can promise you it isn’t. I will show you photos of the worst home I ever worked in. It still breaks my heart. I will tell you that your space “isn’t so bad” and I will be telling the truth. You see the clutter, but I see the end-result, the possibilities, the beautiful, clean, organized space that you and I going to create for you. You’re going to LOVE it!
Q: What do people do with all their mail?
A: This is such a big issue for everyone and I’ll tell you that most people seem to pile it up and avoid it! I recommend that you set up a “Mail Station” wherever you like to open the mail. This should have a shredder, recycling bin, wastebasket, letter opener, stamps, your address labels and checkbook. Try to get in the habit of opening all of the mail every day, shredding and tossing as appropriate. Then you should have just a few “To Do” items left to deal with and your mail will never pile up.
Q: How can you do this every day?
A: I LOVE my job, I feel like it is my calling. I get so excited and full of energy when I’m working with someone. To me it is definitely a labor of love. Also I’m a little weird.
Q: How do I stop receiving junk mail?
A: First, think carefully before giving out your address (I often give fake ones to websites or other places that insist on having it!) Second, sign up with a free online service like www.dmachoice.org or www.catalogchoice.org and opt-out of the stuff you don’t want. Finally, email, call or write to companies that won’t leave you alone. Its worth taking this time initially when you can reduce your junk mail by 75% and more! There are services like PaperKarma that will contact companies on your behalf and delete your information.
Q: What is the best book on Organizing?
A: There are so many books out there with great tips and techniques. The ironic thing is that most of the people who have hired me to declutter and organize them actually have at least one of those books already! We always laugh when they point it out to me, and its really funny when we find the book buried in a pile. The books may be full of great information, but they just don’t come with someone to motivate and inspire you, and most importantly, make sure the project gets done! My advice is to team up with a friend or family member, go to the bookstore and pick out a book together. Then commit to helping each other implement the decluttering, sorting and organizing systems that will fit you best.
Q: What is the best filing system?
A: The best filing system is one that you will use every day. I tell all of my clients that everyone hates filing. I don’t like it either, and I think I have tried most of the systems out there! I bought a scanner and tried that for awhile, but now I use an App called Evernote and scan everything into my phone. It’s very inexpensive, quick, easy, and I can find any document anytime.

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