Menu of Services


Fresh Starter:
Take a big bite out of your clutter with a 4-hour starter session.  We can clear out one particular clutter Hot Spot in your home or get you going on a bigger plan.


Delicious Dozen:  
12 hours (3 sessions of 4 hours each) of targeted decluttering. We sort the stuff, file that pile and clear the clutter. We can pack things up for long-term storage, arrange for trash pick-up, and even haul your unwanted items to a local charity for you.  We’ll help you make the right decisions about your stuff and share our best tips from 30+ years of helping people just like you.  $880
The Whole Enchilada:
When you are starving for some serenity, this is the one for you!  This 20-hour package allows us to dig deep and tackle those areas you have not even wanted to think about.  $1440

The Big Buffet

This is where you get to pick and choose how much help you need on bigger projects. Are you moving or getting your house ready to sell?  Do you need help choosing a Realtor, Movers, Contractors, creating a plan to get it all done and meet a specific Deadline and Budget?  As long-time Project Managers, we can take care of all of the little details for you while you are busy at work, with your family, or even on vacation! (Yes you could go on vacation and come home to your newly clean and perfectly organized home!)
All items above include automatic WEIGHT LOSS!  Yes, it’s true! When you order from the Menu here at InnerLift, you lose POUNDS of Clutter!