Selling Your House?


Step 1: We clear the Clutter

Room by room, including the closets, we’ll inventory, pack up and donate the items you are definitely ready to let go of, like old Toys, Clothes, Books, extra dishes, etc. We start with the items that are easy to make decisions about. (Of course, we give you a detailed tax receipt). You may not plan to move anytime soon, but since you probably won’t be buried in your home, that means you WILL be moving, sooner or later. What will happen to all of your stuff? Who in your family wants it? It’s never too early to make a plan.

Step 2: We have an Archeological Dig

We go deep. We’re talking about The Attic, The Crawl Space, The Garden Shed. We will find things you have forgotten you had, stuff you didn’t know you had, possibly even gross or dead things (it happens, we can handle it). Again, we donate what we can, and trash what we can’t, and pack up what you want to move to your next Attic.

Step 3: We create a House Inventory

We create a spreadsheet that lists your major pieces of furniture and art, where it is in your house now, and where each piece will be going in the New House. This is the basis of the MOVE PLAN, which will keep the whole project on track.

Step 4. We work closely with your Realtor and Stager

Your Realtor and/or Stager will give you a To Do List. This list is what will be needed to make your house completely ready for the all-important OPEN HOUSE. We will all commit to a deadline for that day and I will help you MAKE SURE YOUR HOUSE IS READY FOR THAT DAY. Once the standard decluttering is done, we go a little deeper in order to get it all pristine-looking. We also have a plan to easily keep it that way while your house is on the market.

Step 5: We get you Ready to Move.

We designate a space in your home (with approval by your Realtor) and start packing items that will definitely move with you. Sometimes we use a short-term storage space or come up with other solutions for your particular set of circumstances. We also continuously update the Move Plan so that everything will go smoothly.

Step 6: Your House Sells Quickly (because it looks so great!) Congratulations!