Overwhelmed by Clutter? Where to start (and the answer may surprise you)

I suggest you clean out your Storage areas first. I know you want to jump in and clean out your Guest Room so you can turn it into a Craft Room or something like that, but here’s the problem.  Everything has to go somewhere. And it should go in a place that makes sense.  

Clutter is just stuff that is basically homeless. That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?  It doesn’t have a place to be, or it does, and that place isn’t working out for some reason. We need to make sure everything you own has a place that makes sense, and how often you use it is a big deciding factor.
So yes, we can start going through stuff in your Guest Room but I guarantee some of it really belongs in Short-Term or Long-Term Storage.  We can just open the Attic door and put that stuff in there, but then we aren’t really solving the problem, we are just delaying it and then it will be harder because we have just made it worse.
This is why one of the first things I always ask new clients is, “Where is your Long Term Storage?”  This is the stuff you want to keep but rarely need to access, like old Tax Returns, family photos, childhood memorabilia, that lamp that Great Aunt Sally gave you, old bed frames, etc.
I also ask about Short Term Storage, which should contain items you only need to access once or twice a year, like Holiday Decorations, Party Supplies, Seasonal Stuff (beach items or winter gear), etc.
I love tackling these areas!  Garages, attics, basements, crawl spaces, it is very rewarding to have an archeological dig through all of that stuff.  Pull it out, make decisions, put like items together, Label those boxes or bins and BOOM you did it!
I will also drop a Super Secret Amazing Tip that will make your world better.  Create an Inventory for the space you just cleaned out and list all of the contents. Put one copy on the inside of the door to the space itself, and put another copy in your HOUSE file or tape it to the inside of a cabinet or closet door.  Then you won’t forget what is in your Storage areas!
Now you are ready to go through your Guest Room and when you come across old family photos, you will know instantly that you should add them to the FAMILY PHOTOS box that is now stored in the Long Term Storage area.  See how that works?  It’s like MAGIC!  You will amaze your family and friends with your organizational skills!  You’re a Rock Star, Where do you get this stuff?

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