Getting Your House Ready to Sell – Declutter your Outside too

You walk up to your front door every day and probably don’t even notice your yard anymore.  If you plan to sell your house, you may be primarily focused on the inside, going through closets, decluttering, packing some things.  But don’t forget the outside of your house may need some decluttering and freshening up as well.
Here’s an easy checklist to help get your Yard looking its best:
Get rid of clutter like anything that is broken, in poor repair, or not serving a purpose.
Make sure there is a place for kids or pet toys, garden tools, hoses and other items that may look too busy.
Check your mailbox, does it need to be replaced, or get a fresh coat of paint
Is your house number easy to find, and read?  Is it well-lit?
Look at your trash cans and recycling bins. Are they broken or cracked? Do they have lids? Do you need to call your trash company for replacements?
Look behind your sheds and garages for forgotten trash, old fencing, broken pots, old bricks or cinderblocks and recycle or trash these items.
What about your porch, walkways, and stairs?  Do they need a good sweeping, scrubbing or power wash? Is everything in good repair?
You definitely want your front yard to invite potential Buyers inside. Just looking at your house with fresh ideas will give you a whole new perspective.

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