Adopt this one habit from nature lovers and eliminate clutter forever

If you are a hiker or nature lover, you are probably familiar with this philosophy.  My sons’ learned it at summer camp.  They all went to Calleva, a non-profit outdoor adventure camp where the Instructors really teach the kids how to love and respect nature.  I LOVED the Leave No Trace idea when the boys told me about it.  It makes a lot of sense, to honor the beauty of nature by making sure no one can tell you were ever there.  Packing out all trash, sweeping up signs of your campsite, sticking to trails rather than tromping through meadows.  My sons’ were able to practice this while they were backpacking, kayaking, and caving throughout Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
When they told me what they had learned, I wasted NO TIME adopting the Leave No Trace policy at our own house.  What a great idea!  And it was something that their adored Camp Instructors had come up with, instead of something I was trying to get them to do.  It also made a lot of sense as a general rule for living.  Basically just clean up after yourself.
But “Leave No Trace” sounds a lot cooler!

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